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I had a decision to make, and I had to make it fast!
I need more information to get the job done.
I want to connect with clients.
I had a feeling that something’s not quite right.
I have to fire someone, but he’s a nice guy.
I feel stuck, unproductive and have trouble making decisions.

I had a decision to make, and I had to make it fast!

I had a layover in Chicago, my next flight was cancelled and rescheduled for the following morning. I wanted to get home but the two flights scheduled that evening were sold out. I could either wait on standby or get a hotel and fly out the next morning. I didn’t know what to do. So I decided to use my intuition the way that Jennifer taught me, as a tool to make a choice. Within one minute I got a clear response to get a hotel. This was not the response I wanted -- I really wanted to go home. I chose to listen and am I happy I did. That night, I had a good night’s rest at a nice hotel. The next day, I discovered both flights had been delayed, then canceled. If I had stayed around, I would have spent the night in the airport instead of a relaxing night in the hotel!

Thanks to Jennifer! I’ve learned how to go inside wherever I am and quickly retrieve the most useful information needed in the moment. I now reach in and rely on my guidance all the time and have never been disappointed.

– M.M., counterintelligence officer, Virginia

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I needed to get more information to get the job done.

Part of my job involves reviewing transcripts of clients business meetings to assess participant behavior. At times, I don’t have any background regarding the meeting topic, and it can feel like listening to a foreign language. I wanted to do this aspect of my work more effectively, so I asked Jennifer how I could use my intuition to help. I’ve learned to center myself and connect to my inside guidance. When I do this I gain insight about what is going on and interpret what I need to understand. I am constantly amazed by the accuracy of the information I gather. I always receive insights that I would not get just by using my analytical skills.

Thanks to Jennifer! I know how to check into my inner guidance to do my job more effectively. The information that comes to me this way always checks out to be accurate. I know that without this connection to my guidance, I wouldn’t be doing as well as I am in my career”

– K.P., senior behavior-assessment expert, Massachusetts

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I wanted to connect with clients.

Since working with Jennifer on understanding energy and energy dynamics, I have learned that teaching and communication are not only about my words but also about the way I use energy to deliver them. In my training seminars, I’ve seen proof that understanding energy dynamics works. I’ve received higher reviews than the other trainers. What’s more, I have a lot less resistance during my presentations.

Thanks to Jennifer! I now use energy as a tool to complement my strong analytical skills and provide another way for me to gather and deliver information. Also, the additional input I receive from my intuition helps me clarify problems and reach answers in ways I’ve not been able to do before.

– K.M., interviewing expert, North Carolina

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I had a feeling that something’s not quite right.

During meetings and interactions at work, I used to get an uneasy feeling that something about the situation wasn’t quite right. I didn’t know how to listen to it at the time, but in hindsight I’d realize I’d had known an unexpected or disastrous result would occur. By working with Jennifer I have learned how to connect with my inner knowing, especially if I feel upset about something. Instead of avoiding the uneasy feeling, I now know it is a clue that my body is trying to tell me something. When I take a few minutes to connect with my inner guidance I usually get clarity on the situation and a calm feeling comes over me. It has enhanced my skills as a manager. From a calm centered place my colleagues are able to receive my comments and criticism. The job turns out great and it helps me trust my intuitive feelings even more.

Thanks to Jennifer! I’ve learned to understand and trust the information that my body gives me. Letting go of the stress and coming from a present place has made my life better, not only professionally but personally as well.

– A. K., change management team leader, Virginia

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I had to fire someone, but he was a nice guy.

It felt awful. Even though I knew the position was not a good fit, he had been on my team a long time. Jennifer helped me ask my intuition some questions about the situation. Through this work, I could honestly feel that I was helping this man by firing him. It felt like it would get him to a job he really loved. Coming from this intuitive perspective I was able to release the stress and the dreadful feeling I had been carrying and really be present in the moment. In the end, letting this person go was a positive, friendly exchange for both of us. Months later, he came back to tell me about his new fabulous job! I certainly know that coming from an intuitive perspective on the situation helped make all the difference.

Thanks to Jennifer! I’ve learned to bring clarity and insight into uncomfortable situations. I take a few breaths, connect to my inner guidance and ask for help gaining some perspective. This always gives me clarity on the situation so I can address the uneasiness with respect, objectivity and presence.

– B.A., assistant director of finance, Maryland

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I felt stuck, unproductive and had trouble making decisions.

I have struggled with procrastination for many years. I would procrastinate and then get frustrated about feeling stuck. Jennifer helped me identify what I say to myself to put me in that state. We used that awareness as the first tool to shift the pattern, by using those thoughts to remind me when to tap into my intuition. I now can see when the pattern is happening and can shift it by becoming more grounded in myself. I also was able to see that even if there was a part of me that did not know what to do with a project, there is a part of my inner-knowing that does know. I can call on that part of me using a variety of intuitive tools Jennifer helped identify.

Thanks to Jennifer! I now have the intuitive tools to get out of my pattern of procrastination and unrealistic expectations around getting productive. This has been a tremendous help that has me accomplishing much, including beginning my dissertation!

– V.L., university instructor, Ohio

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